Тема: Updated Waldorf "Testing" images: 20120927

corenominal пишет:

Updated Waldorf images are available now.

The new images should be considered a reissue of the previous builds, built to correct a bug in the install process which rendered partman unable to create a working filesystem table.

Normally, I prefer to give each set of development builds a fairly lengthy trial before updating them, but in this case, I considered the bug important enough to warrant a quick turnaround. My apologies for any inconvenience.

Others changes have been kept to a minimum, with the exception of:

  • New installations will now use the new Debian repository redirector service.

  • A new metapackage, 'cb-metapackage', was used during the build process. The metapackage recommends all packages used in the default install.

  • A new config package, 'cb-configs', was used to include all default #! rc files distributed to '/etc/skel'.

As always with the development images, these builds are not recommended for anyone who requires a stable system, or is not happy running into occasional breakages. That said, thank you to everyone who helped by installing and testing the previous images. You are all awesome! smile

If you install these builds and you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to post a reply. Thank you.